Paul Thompson,
Roles and Responsibilities
Paul has a PhD from Middlesex University for work on the impacts of flood protection on rural development in Bangladesh. He has been associated with FHRC since 1981, during 1996-2004 as an associate, and during 1981-96 and 2004-present as a staff member. After early work on urban flood protection benefits and coastal protection in the UK, he has specialised on social research related to the floodplains of Bangladesh including evaluation of flood protection works, adaptations in the active floodplain, and community based fisheries management. For 8 years he worked for the WorldFish Center in Bangladesh. He also has experience on flood impact studies in India, Australia, Argentina.
Research Interests
Current research interests include integrated floodplain management, community based fisheries management, and institutional aspects of local management of floodplain resources.
Selected Publications
Thompson, P.M., Khan, A.K.M. F., and P. Sultana. 2006. Comparison of aquaculture extension impacts in Bangladesh. Aquaculture Economics & Management 10(1):15-32. Thompson, P.M., P. Sultana and N. Islam, 2003, Lessons from community based management of floodplain fisheries in Bangladesh. Journal of Environmental Management 69(3): 307-321. Thompson, P.M. and P. Sultana. 2000. Shortcomings of Flood Embankment Strategies in Bangladesh. p 316-333. In D.J. Parker (ed.) Floods (vol. 1). Routledge, London. Middendorp, A.J., Thompson, P.M., and R.S. Pomeroy (eds.). 1999. Sustainable inland fisheries management in Bangladesh. ICLARM Conf. Proc. 58, Manila, 280p. Thompson, P. and I. Tod, 1998, Mitigating flood losses in the active floodplains of Bangladesh. Disaster Prevention and Management 7(2): 113-123. Thompson, P.M. and P. Sultana, 1996, Distributional and social impacts of flood control in Bangladesh. The Geographical Journal 162(1): 1-13
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